Jaguar F-Pace

That Jaguar can build sporty and elegant vehicles, they have already proven several times. With proven technology and stylish design, the British want to stir up the SUV segment with the F-Pace. We tested the performance crossover.

Visually, the F-Pace immediately sees its relationship to Jaguar. The dominant grill and the muscular bonnet have been taken over by the XF engineers. The large air intakes underneath the bumper and the headlights, which look higher towards the outside, also show the design language of the XF. The taillights, however, clearly recall the F-Type. The shape is overall very sporty and fluently chosen. The designers have also integrated the third side window into the roofline. If you think away the diffuser, the F-Type could even be a spacious coupe. Continue reading “Jaguar F-Pace”

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008 – a beauty with overweight

For a car of its class makes the powerful Peugeot 3008 quite a lot. At the wheel of the French compact SUV, you do not necessarily feel younger or more attractive.
A giant like the Peugeot 3008 demands to be moved away from everyday paths, so I went with it to the Documenta 14, which offered itself just this summer. As luck would have it, a very well-known German painter had already lodged in our hotel, whom I had met several times before on some occasions. Continue reading “Peugeot 3008”

Skoda Superb Combi

The Skoda Superb Combi is the ultimate masterpiece: a maximum of 1950 liters fit into the Czech Kombi. A 1.4 TSI with 125 hp costs at least € 26,750

We like this car, we give it quite openly. The processing of the Skoda Superb Combi is good, the design as well. And then this trunk: apart from the Mercedes E-Class T-model, there is no bigger combination, and the size-price ratio is absolutely unmatched. From all-wheel drive to double clutch, everything the VW shelf gives. The almost perfect car. Continue reading “Skoda Superb Combi”

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes is already building the E-Class in its tenth generation. For the cheapest model, a 200 with 184 hp, you have to spend at least 43,000 euros

The Mercedes E-Class is still an indicator that you have made it – or at least became a taxi driver. And now in the tenth generation! Seriously, the E-Class has been tinged with value, coupled with electronic assistance overkill and – in the 220 CDI – the most modern and presumably cleanest diesel engine of all. Continue reading “Mercedes E-Class”

Ford C-Max

In the Ford C-Max you can choose between the five-seater and the 14-centimeter longer Grand C-Max with third seat and sliding door. The basic price for the shorter: 18,250 euros

What is worse than a compact SUV? Right, a compact van. A commercial vehicle with baby-on-board sticker – adieu, fun! Well, if the brats are in the daycare, Daddy can tear a bit with the Ford van. Amazing, how well the around the corners goes. Just clear the rattling toy before. Continue reading “Ford C-Max”

Audi A4 Avant G-Tron

The Audi A4 Avant G-Tron has 170 hp and costs around 40,000 euros

Audi also now has cars with natural gas, G-Tron calls it in Ingolstadt and is available for Audi A3, A4 and A5. An Audi A4 with natural gas engine – this may happen to most people first quite unsexy, but it is not. In terms of CO2 and nitrogen oxides, this is one of the top priorities. Continue reading “Audi A4 Avant G-Tron”

VW Golf Variant

In the combination of the VW Golf fits a lot pure: At least 424 liters when the rear seat folds 1620 liters. The starting price is 21,575 euros for the gasoline with 110 hp

You can not say anything against this car, nothing at all (let’s say the diesel). Maybe just so much: buy the VW Golf Variant just not in silver metal and then park it at the shopping center. They never find him again because everyone else has such a car. Continue reading “VW Golf Variant”

Opel Mokka X

4-wheel drive is available at the 4.28-meter-long Opel Mokka X only for an extra charge. In the basic version with 115 hp strong gasoline the small SUV costs 18,990 euro

At the exterior, the most important thing to notice is the huge one. It is quite clear to us that no real Petrolhead drives a compact SUV, possibly with a front drive. But the millions of non-petrolheads love this sort of car, because the dimensions are clear and you sit a little higher. And the cuddly Opel is particularly good for them. Since 2016 the Opel Mokka is called Opel Mokka X. Continue reading “Opel Mokka X”


BMW X7 iPerformance: SAV instead of SUV

To stand out in the huge mass of new SUVs at this year’s IAA, you have to think of something as a manufacturer. BMW’s X7 iPerformance is of sheer size.

BMW is showing not only the new X3 and the small X2 in Frankfurt, but also a study at the upper end of the food chain: the X7 iPerformance. In the large “SAV” (BMW speaks of a sports “Activity” Vehicle) six people sit down on three seat rows. Of these, the front four seats are designed as single seats, which offer a lot of space. Continue reading “BMW X7”