2017 Alpine A110

The perfect car for the lateral acceleration Alpine A110

The long wait has come to an end: On the Geneva Autosalon 2017, the Renault brand Alpine has finally presented the serial version A110, which is to come to the market in 2018

For a long time, the new Alpine was announced, and lastly, the French have always given new details. Just in time for the Autosalon in Geneva, fans finally learn the whole truth.
Finally Renault presents again a real automobile crash. But please look carefully, because the Alpine A110 is marketing is not a Renault, but an Alpine. Underneath the hood of the sleek two-seater, a four-cylinder four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1.8 liters and a displacement of 252 hp – is the reason for the fact that the Alpine is only 1.1 tonnes.

In addition, the Frenchman is designed as a mid-engine sports car, which promises a lot of lateral acceleration. The transmission is carried out via a seven-stage double clutch transmission. Contrary to the driving performance the engineers wanted to keep the consumption values ​​small – so they promise an average NEFZ consumption of 6.2 liters per 100 kilometers.
But seriously: who is interested in fuel consumption when such a cult car is revived? More important are other values, for example the acceleration values. The standard sprint on country road speed is 4.5 seconds, while the maximum speed is 250 km / h (limited).

Other delights of the glued and riveted Vollalu body are powerful Brembo brakes, various driving modes, which also make the tailpipe sound, as well as 18-inch forged wheels from Fuchs. The interior, of course, provided with a production placard and tricolor, looks puristic and highly modern.

Half-way moderate price for a sports car: The starting price for the “Première Edition” of the Alpine 110 is 58,500 euros

Light-weight scarf seats already make an exit with the sports car on the Geneva stand, and the buttons for the gearbox (embedded in carbon) sit on the center console. And since infotainment is even a light duty sportsman’s duty today, the viewer first discovers a large monitor in the middle as well as a combina- tion instrument consisting of a single TFT surface.

The sportsman is made in Dieppe, where racing driver Jean Rédélé founded the Alpine brand in the mid-1950s. Until the delivery of the first vehicles will still take some time in the country – 2018 but it should finally be so far.

If you want to have the French sports car, you have to go to a special Alpine Store, of which 60 are to be produced in Europe – or simply by mobile phone app. The starting price for the “Première Edition” is 58,500 euros.