2017 BMW M4 GTS

BMW M4 GTS: It does not get any clearer

BMW has presented the M4 GTS – a limited-edition, aggressive racing car, which is also roadworthy

In the development of the current M4, BMW has probably moved further away from the initial model than ever before. Compared to the regular 4 series, BMW has massively changed the M version – for example, with aluminum front and rear suspension arms, a screwed auxiliary frame at the rear and a newly developed servo steering.

These changes are highly effective on the road and on the race track, but they are subject to high expectations of comfort and everyday comfort. However, some customers are willing to accept cuts here, in order to sharpen the vehicle again for extreme use. For them BMW has now presented the M4 GTS – a derivative built in a limited number of only 700 units. Anyone who has distinguished themselves as an exemplary customer of the M GmbH in recent years has been lucky enough to receive the invitation to order a GTS – for over 130,000 euros. For all others: Sold out. And that’s a pity. Because the M4 GTS is indeed the most extraordinary and most demanding M4 (and M3) to date. Developed for the racetrack, however, it was permissible and roadworthy, the special model was again drastically changed to the chassis, drive and body. The result: a total weight which is reduced by 30 kilograms despite different additional circum- stances – and a considerably more aggressive vehicle character.

Water injection and carbon fiber rims

Even the heart of the M4 has been the engineers of the M GmbH in Garching made: To put on the 450 HP strong M4 with Competition package again 50 hp, the unit now has a water injection. The technique, which is known from racing and from the tuning scene, helps to considerably lower the intake temperature; Thus an engine can be optimized for performance or low fuel consumption. With the M4 GTS, the claim lay, of course, on high performance; Nevertheless the consumption is at an extremely favorable 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers. The technical implementation is carried out by means of a 5-liter water tank in the trunk and an injection system in which three high-pressure injectors each operate two cylinders. Pleasing results are smooth 500 hp and 600 newton meters of torque; So the M4 GS sprints to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 305 km / h. This value is artificially adjusted as with the other M models, which seems a bit strange in a racing car. A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is a series, but the six-speed manual switch is not available here.

The chassis is equipped with a separate range of wheels and tires: 265/35 R19 tires are fitted at the front, 285/30 R20 tires deliver the power to the road at the rear. For a hefty 12,000 Euro surcharge, there are carbon-fiber rims that significantly reduce unsprung masses; Half of the GTS customers have opted for this costly option. A manually adjustable helical gear is standard; Further changes concern the front axle kinematics as well as the steering column, which has been facilitated by an elastic element and thus reacts directly more directly. In fact, the M4 GTS is a puristic racer of unusual sharpness and aggressiveness. The two-seater vibrates with energy, the performance is noticeably more directly than with the regular M4, and the reactions to driver commands are faster and more precise. The four-pipe titanium exhaust system, which acts as a bar of any restraint, fits into this. And the stability control, which can of course be deactivated completely, allows for such pronounced drift angles in sports mode that unprepared drivers can get a real fright. Experts, however – and ambitious amateurs – can position the GTS in curves perfectly with the rear axle.

Seats, fire extinguishers, roll cage

The driver’s seat stands out clearly from the regular M4: The racing seats with carbon fiber frame surround the driver and passenger perfectly, and the free clubport package gives it a top-point belt, a fire extinguisher and a roll cage. The frugal door trim uses the same materials as the light eco car i3, instead of a tightening handle there is a textile loop, and the dashboard is decorated with an Alcantara strip. Of course, the special model can also be clearly identified from the outside. With a separate carbon fiber bonnet, an adjustable front spoiler and a large rear wing, the GTS exudes a darker aura than the standard model. The taillights, on the other hand, are futuristic. Here, BMW builds organic OLEDs, which not only emit extremely homogenous light, but can also be designed as very slim light elements. The expensive and currently under laboratory conditions luminaire could be used also in larger quantities in the future.

While the OLED taillights are an absolute eye-catcher, the available color palette can not be claimed: the M4 GTS is available in white, gray, matt gray and black. Who has ordered, in the next few months at least 142,600 euro to Munich – and presumably to a value development, which points steeply upward. All others are advised to look at the normal M4 with the Competition package. And if only to improve the chances of being on the next special model on the list.

Specifications BMW M4 GTS

Length x width x height (m): 4.69 x 1.87 x 1.38
Wheelbase (m): 2.81
Engine: R6 petrol engine, 2.979 m³ Bi-turbo, direct injection
Power: 48.5 kW / 500 hp at 6,250 rpm
Max. Torque: 600 Nm at 4,000-5,500 rpm
Maximum speed: 305 km / h (limited)
Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h: 3.8 sec.
ECE average consumption: 8.5 liters
CO2 emissions: 199 g / km (Euro 6)
Empty weight / load: 1,510 kg / 390 kg
Luggage capacity: 445 liters
Turning circle: 12.2 m
Wheels / tires: 9.5 J x 19 / 265/35 R 19 front, 10.5 J x 20 / 285/30 R 20 rear
Air drag coefficient: 0.34
Price: 142.600 euros