2017 BMW M760Li xDrive

For the first time in the history of the BMW 7 Series, the performance subsidiary M GmbH has adopted the flagship of the brand

As complex as the designation, so complex is also the technology: The M760Li xDrive stands for the BMW 7 Series with long wheelbase, all-wheel drive. And with the twelve-cylinder engine, which is regarded as a crowning achievement for classic mechanical engineering.
The pressure on the start button follows – at first nothing! But the view on the tour counter makes it clear: One is wrong! The engine has started, runs at idle speed, is working quietly. Not an electric motor, but a classic combustion engine!

One of the carobill owners, because of its running culture, is regarded as a crowning achievement for classical mechanical engineering. We have brought a twelve-cylinder engine from BMW to life, which drives the new flagship of the brand. A limousine as a sign of current automotive engineering competence.

As complex the type designation, so complex is also the technology – and so proud of its price: M760Li xDrive stands for the BMW 7 Series with top engine and M package, with long wheelbase and all-wheel drive. For the basic price of 166.900 euros, he is now available from the dealer.

We are driving the four-door sedan at a time when politicians insist on farewell to the internal combustion engine and increasingly prefer SUVs to customers around the world. What is the significance of this large saloon of the premium segment at such a time?

The power of 610 hp and 800 Newton meters is sufficient to catapult the 2.2 ton luxuryliner from zero to 100 in just 3.7 seconds

The response is pushed to the accelerator: the limousine lifts the bow under load, the four 20-inch wheels mesh with the asphalt and push the 2.2-tonne load so sustainably that many light sports cars would have to look back . In just 3.7 seconds, 100 km / h is reached.

For comparison, the Mercedes-AMG GT-S needs 3.8 seconds. If you pay 2450 euros, you can accelerate up to 305 km / h over the top speed of the top 7 up to 250 km / h. The direct competitor Mercedes S65 AMG does not reach such a high longitudinal dynamics, let alone a mazy off-road vehicle.

This is mainly due to the double-charged V12 engine with direct petrol injection. It delivers 610 horsepower and is capable of balancing up to 800 Nm of torque on the crankshaft starting at 1550 rpm. To ensure that so much steam goes under the skin, BMW in the M760Li builds a sports exhaust system with rear silencer and folding system.

BMW M760Li: not loud but determined

Underload, she intones a sound sound. Here, BMW experts demonstrate a clever hand for the good tone: away from the aggressiveness and loudness of a sports car, yet determined enough to be perceived as an automobile personality.

The fact that this large BMW sedan also overshoots its competitors and SUVs transversely is due to the comparatively low center of gravity and a refined interplay of ingenious technology systems.

First of all, the gradation of the eight-speed automatic transmission helps to move the Viertürer in the first six gears very sportily, with the help of the seventh and eighth gear but quiet and spray-saving. Its maximum speed reaches the large 7, for example, in the sixth gear.

The long version of the 7 Series is often used as a chauffeur limousine. The chauffeurs are probably in the M760Li their joy

The sixth and seventh are very long and sparingly designed. In addition, the all-wheel drive ensures that the high engine power can also be implemented in dynamics. It distributes the force variably between the axes.

For the top version, the distribution also takes place with emphasis on the rear axle, which, in agreement with the rear axle steering, supports the sporty driving characteristics. This is because the rear-wheeling rear wheels act as a virtual wheelbase shortening the 5.24-meter-long sedan, which leads to more maneuverability in curves and higher directional stability when changing lanes.

Curve travel and load change usually produce rolling and pitching movements of the vehicle body, which impair precise handling and driving comfort. To a large extent it is the task of the active chassis control with air suspension and electromechanical roll stabilization.
The driving style is constantly analyzed in the BMW M760Li

Although comparable systems also work in SUVs, they have to deal with higher superstructures and greater forces there. In the M760Li xDrive they attack fast and work very convincingly. You get the impression that the BMW tracks on rails around corners.

An adaptive driving dynamics mode even provides for the forward-looking adaptation of the respectively suitable and mutually corresponding systems. The information about the route profile, for example, is retrieved from the navigation system and from a stereo camera.

All data are linked with the ongoing driving analysis of the central computer. Needless to say, the M760Li xDrive supports the entire portfolio of currently available assistance systems and also enables tracking and speed control with a stop-and-go function.

At the back it is very comfortable and noble. The ideal environment to prepare for important business meetings

The rear passengers of the specially used chauffeurs limousine in China are pampered with single seats. The furniture is of course adjustable, ventilated and heated.

The passenger may extend a footrest and set up a work table to facilitate his business partner’s discrepancy. A business which is widespread among Asian entrepreneurs.

If the owner himself is master of the driving dynamics, he finds good support in the outstandingly contoured driver’s seat. BMW-typical, all systems responsible for vehicle dynamics are controlled directly via switches in the center console. The eyes are covered with precious wood appliqués and a roof trunk of Alcantara. The airy fragrance of generously worked leather hangs in the air.
People with good taste are in the minority

Although a comparable pampering atmosphere can be ordered for the interior of a super-class SUV, an SUV remains a box-shaped box on wheels, despite all the efforts of eager designers.

With the elegant appearance of an elongated sedan like the M760Li xDrive, an SUV can not compete. Many customers also seem to see this as Anton Landinger confirms, the head of the 7 series: “The growth rates for luxury limousines of the format of the new M760Li xDrive are still stable.”

The fact that they are nevertheless significantly below those of the SUVs could be an indication that people with good taste are a minority. It is certain that the prestige that radiates to the owner of a BMW M760Li xDrive can not be generated by an SUV. The unquestionable elegance speaks for the sedan.

A dozen cylinders under the hood are now extraordinary. Only a few manufacturers still allow themselves the “king of engine construction”