2017 BMW X3

In the BMW X3, progress is only evident

The next generation of the X3 looks somewhat muscular, but the basic form of the predecessor continues

The upcoming generation of BMW’s SUV gets a lot of technology which is still reserved for larger models. In terms of drive, revolutions are indicated but not yet completed.
Success can be a blessing and curse for a car maker at the same time. Because the more successful a model is, the more difficult the decision makers with serious changes and the more predictable and thus the more boring the generation change.

This was the case with the Audi Q5, and the BMW X3 is no different. Because the Bavarians did not want to hurt 1.5 million buyers from two generations, they only covered the bestseller with velvet boots. If the third edition of the compact off-road bike starts at 45,000 euros in November, there will be no big change of style.

Unlike Audi at the Q5, BMW is at least optimizing the character of the X3, emphasizing the S in the sports utility vehicle with more muscle. The new generation looks more athletic in a largely unchanged format and will become 55 kilos lighter than the current model.

On the other hand, the biggest technical innovations are the promise of the future. As the first non-i model, the upcoming X3 could get an electric drive, and a plug-in hybrid variant would also be possible. BMW promises a much more sporty feel for the upcoming X3, and there will also be one, maybe even two M versions of the SUV for the first time. First an X3 M40i with 360 hp, which in 4.8 seconds to create 100 and speed up to just under 250 kilometers per hour. And supposedly also a real M-X3 is scheduled, which is to deliver well over 400 hp.

A lot of technology from five and seven

In addition to the M40i, only a further conventional petrol engine will be installed, starting with a two-liter four-cylinder in the X3 30i with 252 hp. In addition, two diesel models are available: the 20d with four cylinders and 195 HP and the 30d with six pots and 265 hp.

In spring 2018 follows a further four-cylinder petrol engine, which comes as X3 20i to 184 hp. The variants without M-logo create top speeds between 213 and 240 km / h, the smallest diesel is to consume according to standard smooth five liters per 100 kilometers.

The M40i will be the first M version of an X3

While BMW has developed the lines of the predecessor rather more evolutionarily and under the hood nothing new offers at least indoors progress: The X3 generously takes on features of five and seven and therefore starts for example with an animated cockpit and the large Touchscreen with gesture control.

Also the so-called display key, which reminds of a smartphone, the Bayern have taken over. New assistance systems will find their way into the X3. Like F├╝nfer and Co., the new generation is supposed to be driving almost autonomously on the motorway and can even change the track for the first time. There is no information available at the moment. At the moment you get the BMW X3 from 43,800 euros.