2017 Geneva Salon-The other show

More space for small exhibitors, less for the strollers and in between tuners and refiners: The Geneva Salon is not a typical automobile fair.

At the Geneva Motor Show, the big manufacturers have to limit themselves, but the small bodies can present themselves generously. Tuners and refiners also find their way to Lake Geneva every year.

Geneva is different: the Swiss “traffic house” has a similar footprint as the Citroen brand – and uses it to exhibit historical models of the past Monteverdi brand, including a study from the 1990s, Suspiciously of the grandiose Isdera Commendatore 112i. At the Geneva Motor Show, the big manufacturers have to restrict themselves, but the small bodies receive a chance to present themselves generously. It is used: the Dutch manufacturer Spyker is back; The German development service provider Edag is showing a study built for Bosch that looks far ahead, and the VW subsidiary Ital Design is allowed to profile itself with a dystopian vision of the future: a huge drone spreads on the stand. After all, in Turin, after the dignified departure of the patriarch Giorgetto Giugiaro, a new and interesting discussion was made.