2017 Infiniti QX30 model

The new XQ 30 from Nissan’s Nobel brand Infiniti is aimed at competitors such as the GLA of Mercedes-Benz

With his daughter Infiniti Nissan wants to have some of the high-yield premium cake.

The compact SUV QX30 is also intended to meet exquisite requirements.

One of the most popular phrases of automobile manufacturers is currently “wanting to combine the best of two worlds”. Actually, here a report on a hybrid should follow, after all the industry praises this form of drive with the same metaphor. However, the Infiniti QX30 is an automotive balancing act and connects two worlds, even though it is not a hybrid. In this case, instead of the internal combustion engine and the electric motor, the outer wear and the inner life are the two extraneous elements which are to fuse into a suitable unit. In short: from the outside, the QX30 is an unmistakable Infiniti, from the inside a washable Mercedes-Benz GLA. This is no coincidence: Infiniti mother Nissan wants to establish its branch as a premium brand. And what would be more appropriate for the Japanese than to use the cooperation with the premium Daimler company?
If you are driving on Mercedes-quality and still want to look more like an exotic look than with an original GLA, this car is just right. Premiumtypically there is little to mangle when driving. The 2.2-liter diesel with 170 hp and 350 Nm in the test car is moving forward properly. If you are looking for a deficiency, you can only claim its very high acoustic presence in the interior.

The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission works perfectly. From the change of gear, the driver gets hardly anything with, both city trips as well as excursions on highway or highway mastered the gear problem-free. If you do not “bump” too much, you can drive the QX30 through an average of almost six liters. At speeds of over 140 kilometers per hour, the SUV is just about eight liters per 100 kilometers. The sprint from 0 to 100 succeeds in 8.5 seconds, according to the data sheet is at 215 km / h. On-board is, incidentally, an all-wheel drive, a version without all-wheel drive does not offer Infiniti in Germany.

Mysterious traffic sign detection

Of course, a whole range of assistance systems has long been part of a genuine premium mobile. The test car had, for example, a 360-degree camera, distance warning with an emergency brake assistant, and a tracking warning device on board. The adaptive LED spotlights have left a good impression: they responded quickly to changing light conditions. The distance warner acted less convincingly, which in some cases attracted attention very early. For a small curiosity the traffic sign recognition caused: why she indicated a speed limit of 90 km / h when driving next to trucks on the highway, often remains her secret.

But before one can complain about the one or other over-zealous helpers, one must activate these known only once. And we are already on the topic of operation. This is to say the least to get used to, it is better to understand terms such as complicated and confusing. On the GLA-known lever for the cruise control behind the steering wheel with its absurd twelve functions, the Japanese would have been able to do without. And also the only interior performance, the navigation and infotainment system, with its nested menu structure occasionally creates confusion.

Guaranteed exotic status

On the other hand, the seats in the QX30 meet the most demanding requirements of the targeted clientele absolutely. An exit of 500 kilometers in one piece could be mastered comfortably. However, the car is definitely no space miracle and so it looks quite different with the comfort on the back seat. Legs and, above all, headlessness are not to be expected by passengers in the compact SUV. Secondly, the C-pillar, which has been tilted forward, is primarily prevented. The luggage compartment volume is also poor with 430 liters in the competition comparison. The rear view is also very limited, so the optional all-round camera is highly recommended.

Overall, the Infiniti QX30 is a car that does not have to hide. The driving feeling is top thanks to the DSG gearbox, the small flaws can be largely ignored – as long as you use the car itself or as a passenger and does not have to squeeze on the back seat. The Japanese starts priced at 39,100 euros and is thus partly among the compact SUVs of other premium brands. The QX30 is also recommended for those who want to drive SUVs, but still want to stick out of the increasing unity of this segment. Compared to Audi Q2 or Q3, the X family from BMW or the sister models of Mercedes-Benz, where you slowly but surely sate has seen, an Infiniti in the road traffic still noticeably more. In March 2017, according to Kraftfahrtsbundesamt just twelve new QX30 landed on Germany’s roads. The exotic status is therefore safe for customers.