2017 Kia K7

Where the Kia K7 is better than the BMW 5 Series

Cars from Kia have now a good reputation in Germany. In Korea, however, one can impress with a Kia. Best example: the new Kia K7

The ascent of Kia is already imposing with us. But at home in Korea the Hyundai sister is still much further. Your K7 can take it there with the BMW 5 Series. In one point he is even better.
Cheap was yesterday. For years, Kia has bravely climbed up the image ladder and made it a serious competitor of the European importers at least to the compact class. The compact Ceed does not have to hide in front of a Renault Megane, for example, and the SUV Sportage looks good even next to a VW Tiguan.

If you land in Seoul at the imposing Incheon airport and is picked up with a Kia K7, you will feel even better in the drive to the city than in a BMW 5 Series. The limousine looks not only fresher and more modern than the saloon from Bavaria, which has always been developed in the same style, but also offers plenty of space.

With 4.97 meters long and 2.86 meters of wheelbase I can stretch out properly and after eleven hours in the tin box of the Lufthansa stretch the limbs. The armchairs are self-heated, and when the passenger, who comes too close to me in the row before me, I let him move away from me with a single button. Because with two small switches on the backrest, I have the command of the seat in front of my knees from the rear.
After half a day as a passenger, I’m very sorry about the passive position – no matter how cuddly the leather lounge is. I can not wait to get behind the heated steering wheel.

With a length of 4.97 meters, the Kia K7 even surpasses the BMW 5 Series by three inches. The blue foam cushions, which are supposed to protect the car body during transport, leave the Koreans happy to show that they are driving a new car

Also the K7 looks at first glance a good impression: the graphics of the instruments is colorful and brilliant, even in a strange car you feel right at home, and the space conditions are at least as good as the rear – but I still have A few more adjustment possibilities.

Only when you look closer and closer, you notice a few differences: There is no gesture control, the switches and controls do not feel quite as elegant, and the head-up display is not quite as dazzling colorful and huge as At the 5er.

And the motorization? The Americans are full of praise for the combination of a 290-hp V6 petrol engine with a 3.3-liter displacement, an eight-speed automatic transmission and a rear-wheel drive, with which the K7 can be purchased across the Atlantic as Kia Cadenza.

The hybrid drive in the Kia K7 is even fun
But in a city like Seoul, this is completely irrelevant. For those who do not turn their sports car out at night with a roaring exhaust and squealing tire, is only progressing on the wide main roads at any time.

And even the K7’s hybrid drive with a 160 hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder and an E-engine of 38 kW, which is presented at the end of the year, makes sense not only sense but also fun – even if the 1.76 kWH battery increases Is small for a plug-in connection.

But as tough as the stop-and-go traffic in Gangnam or Itaewon is, one also recuperates enough that one most times whispers quietly through the city and rarely hears the subtle growling of the four-cylinder.

In the rear the passengers have plenty of space. And if it gets too tight behind the passenger, the guest on the backbank can push the front man forward at the push of a button

Outside on the highway is a bit different. Especially if you drive north and you have left the turnoff to the airport behind you. Because, apart from a few tourists, hardly anyone goes to the North Korean border, the road here is so empty that the K7 could show what is in it.

That the hybrid version is unfortunately not very much and the K7 with moderate acceleration even in the sports program on the free track then but little more a chance against BMW & Co, one must not disturb. More than 100 km are not allowed even on the motorway. And nowhere have I seen so many radar traps as in Korea.

At least for the beginning you are therefore reconciled with the moderate performance and prefer to rest in the electronic hammock, which the K7 with its many assistance systems for the driver spans: distance control, tracking, lane change – everything that requires even a bit of attention , Is thoroughly supported or completed completely completely.
The Kia K7 has a built-in radar warning

Until you look at some time longer on the large Navi screen. It has graphics with a detail that makes every European system look like a Stone Age map. It is not for nothing that the 3-D animations themselves contain prohibition signs.

In addition, he also reports centimeter accuracy over speed traps and even calculates the average speed between two control points so that you can start racing a bit and then place a point landing with two or three brake strokes.

In terms of material quality, the Kia K7 can not keep up with the BMW 5 Series. The navigation system with radar warning is, however, better than at BMW

Of course, the K7 is not quite as sporty as a BMW, certainly not with its hybrid drive. And also the sharpness in chassis and steering of the Munich limousine do not reach the Koreans – especially since one likes Seoul in any case rather soft.

But with this navigation system and the built-in radar warning system, the K7 is even better for high-speed drivers. Too bad that this system is so only in Korea.