2017 New Volvo XC60

Driver assistance systems

Volvo is presenting the new XC60 at the Geneva Motor Show, and with it new assistance systems.

Volvo is celebrating the world premiere of the new XC60 at the Geneva Motor Show. The SUV receives three new, further developed assistance systems.

Volvo introduces the new XC60 in Geneva – and equips the SUV with three new assistance systems. The City Safety System, which also recognizes pedestrians, bikers and game animals among other vehicles, now also includes a steering support: it is used when automatic emergency braking is not enough to prevent an accident and the driver sends a steering pulse to the vehicle Steering wheel. In such cases, the system helps to avoid obstacles through targeted steering maneuvers. The steering support is active at speeds between 50 and 100 km/h.

Avoid the oncoming traffic

In addition, the XC60 is the first model of the brand to have the so-called “Oncoming Lane Mitigation”. This driving aid reduces the risk of accidents with oncoming vehicles: if the driver inadvertently reaches the opposite track, the Volvo is controlled by a targeted steering pulse back to the driver’s own road – and thus away from the traffic. The system operates between 60 and 140 km/h. The optional Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), which alerts the driver to other traffic in the blind spot, has also been expanded by a steering assistant. If the driver does not observe the visual warning in the outside mirror over a vehicle in the blind spot, he / she defuses possible danger situations when changing the lane.

Like the 90 Series, derXC60 is equipped with the so-called “Run-off Road Protection”, which particularly protects occupants from the road surface by tightening the seatbelts or placing the seat rests in a certain position, for example. Also the “pilot assist” for partially autonomous driving up to 130 km/h is optional on board. Volvo’s vision is that from 2020, no one will be hurt or killed in a new model of the brand.