2017 Panamera Sport Turismo

Finally a practical Porsche Panamera sport Turismo

Those who have confidence in Porsche: the Sport Turismo makes the Panfen a five-seater combo

The next taboo smokeshough: After the off-road vehicle and the sedan, the Panamera Sport Turismo is actually the first Porsche combination. How practical is he really? A look behind the flap.
Nobody should say they had not warned him. Because as a Porsche 2012 has sent a futuristic design study with a flat roof, four doors and a large flap at the rear through Los Angeles, it was not just the harbinger for the second generation of the Panamera.

The flat messenger from the future was also the announcement for the next Tabubruch with a manufacturer, which is long no longer only for sports cars. As if two off-road vehicles and a sedan were not enough, the Swabians are now building a wagon, forgiveness: a sports turismo.

As a third body variant of the Panamera after the standard and long version, he celebrates his world premiere at the Autosalon in Geneva and will be available in October 2017 at prices from 97.557 euros.

For a surcharge of just under 5000 Euro, the Panamera gets a whole new character and shows itself from the practical side.

Looks from the Volvo V90 off, does not offer in the upper class a Kombi. Porsche does it, but calls it Sport Turismo

He means less than 20 liters more trunk space, which he gains with an upright rear seat by the new roof line and the steeper rear window, and also not the 50 liters, which make the difference in the seats in the first row should. 520 and 1390 liters are less than in a BMW 3 Series Touring.

He sees the more practical car in Sport Turismo because his developers lowered the loading edge by six centimeters, because the electric flap is larger and opens wider. And because the Panamera is now available for the first time as a five-seater – even if must concede that the new rear bench at least on longer journeys probably only children really comfortable.

With all the focus on the rear and the trunk, however, the first combination of Porsche is all about driving – not for nothing, the Swabians call the lifestyle truck Sport Turismo.
Porsche expects high sales figures

That is why they not only take over the entire engine range from the saloon, cover an imposing range of 330 to 550 hp with three petrol engines, a diesel engine and the plug-in hybrid and, for the first time at a combined factory, enable speeds far beyond 300 Km / h.

They have even come up with a variable rear spoiler, which is used for the first time with a combi. Above the trunk lid mounted, it moves in three steps, thus lowers the air resistance to the speed of 170 and with it the consumption.

At a higher pace, it adds up to 50 kilos of additional downforce to the rear axle, thus increasing driving stability. And if someone opens the sunroof during the ride, the spoiler is adjusted so that it reduces the wind noise.

This looks like a lot of space. However, if you reckon, fit into the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo less pure than in the BMW 3 Series Touring

It is true that Porsche has really entered new territory with the Sport Turismo. But this is even more true than for the designers and the developers for the people from the marketing. For the new variant, the sales share of 20 percent is expected.

They have also created a new terminology for the new car. The practical advantages of the Sport Turismo, about details such as the loader space management or the 230 volt socket in the trunk.

He praises him as the most versatile concept in this vehicle class and is delighted that neither the Audi A8 nor the BMW 7 Series or the Mercedes S-Class have yet risked a big damn. A word comes to him partout not over the lips: Kombi may not be called the Sport Turismo at the best will.

Of course, the tailgate of the Porsche Sport Turismo will open electrically. For the new variant, Porsche expects a sales share of 20 percent