2017 Renault electric race car

The Zoe E-Sport Concept racing car has two electric motors, a body made of carbon fiber and a frame construction of the racing cars for ice and mountain rides

Based on the small car Zoe, Renault has presented an electric race car study with over 460 hp. The manufacturer wants to demonstrate competence in the field of electric mobility.

The values ​​are impressive: 340 kilowatts or 462 hp, the sprint from zero to 100 in 3.2 seconds, a kevlar-reinforced tubular steel frame and a limited top speed of 210 kilometers an hour. It is not a new super sports car with an internal combustion engine, but a small car and also with electric drive. Renault presented its creation of technology transfer from the motorsport at the Autosalon in Geneva.

Two E-engines at front and rear

The Zoe E-Sport Concept racing car has two electric motors, a body made of carbon fiber and a frame construction of the racing cars for ice and bergering. With an unladen weight of only 1,400 kilograms including a 450 kilogram lithium-ion battery pack, the study is based on the total weight of today’s racing cars with internal combustion engines. In addition to the consequent lightweight construction in the chassis and bodywork, two electric motors in the front and rear of the vehicle ensure an explosive power deployment. With 340 kW / 462 hp and a torque of 640 Newtonmeters, they accelerate the electric dwarf in just 3.2 seconds from the stand to the 100 kilometer mark. The top speed limits Renault electronically to 210 kilometers per hour.

Technology from the motorsport

The technology was developed in collaboration with the in-house sports department and the Formula E team “e.dams”. Two batteries with a capacity of 40 kWh serve as the current storage. From the inside, the driver can regulate the energy output of the batteries according to their needs and control the performance of the two electric motors. In the Formula racing series, the technology provides increased voltage, but the driver can control his performance over the lap but limited. And in the Zoe E-Sport Concept, the driver should be able to decide whether he wants to access the full performance, or rather sparingly at the range.

And the racing department has also laid a hand on the chassis. The Renault Sportcars division developed the all-wheel drive as well as the suspension system on double front and rear triangle links. The four-way adjustable shock absorbers come from the Swedish suspension manufacturer Öhlins. The short racer also got a wider track, a lower body, large-format 20-inch aluminum wheels and profiled Slick tires in 245/35 format.

Whether the Zoe E-Sport is ever built is currently questionable. It shows, however, that not only the electric pioneer Tesla can build fast electric vehicles that are more focused on driving pleasure than range.