Sport-SUV I-Pace wird zum ersten elektrischen Jaguar

The electric revolution has now also apparently captured Jaguar: at the Autoshow in Los Angeles, the British manufacturer with the design study I-Pace Concept gives an outlook on his first battery car. Designchef Ian Callum announced the launch of the market for 2018.

Powered by a flat lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 90 kWh, the I-Pace drives with two electric motors mounted on the two axles. They develop a total of 294 kW / 400 hp and 700 Nm and accelerate the four-wheel drive from Jaguar in four seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. At the top speed, the British do not yet provide any information. However, they promise a range of over 500 kilometers and, in the best case, offer 90-minute charging times for 80 percent and hardly more than two hours for 100 percent. Continue reading “Sport-SUV I-Pace wird zum ersten elektrischen Jaguar”

Stop immediately when the oil jar icon is lit.

If the red oil jot icon for the engine oil pressure in the cockpit lights up, the driver should immediately stop and stop the engine. Because this warning lamp does not mean you just have to refill oil.

“This is a common but dangerous mistake. The warning of insufficient oil pressure shows that the vehicle is on the verge of a massive engine damage, which may even have already occurred”, says the automotive expert Wolfgang Sigloch. If you continue driving, you may be even more serious damage in the engine.

Also, when the remaining yellow and red control lights are lit, such as the thermometer symbol for the coolant or the brake light, drivers should stop, stop the engine, and go to the causeway. The operating instructions help. Otherwise a call in the workshop or the manufacturer’s hotline could be useful. If required, a permanent service is to be called.

Mazda shows the second generation of the CX-5

Der neue CX-5 feiert Premiere auf der Autoshow in Los Angeles

Mazda presented the second generation of the CX-5 at the Autoshow in Los Angeles (18 to 27 November). The new competitor for cars such as VW Tiguan, Kia Sportage or Toyota RAV-4 is scheduled to enter the market early in the summer, the Japanese manufacturer said.

In the style of the predecessor, but with a little more corners and edges drawn, Mazda has the car especially in the up. For the unchanged 4.55 meters long off-road vehicle, there is a new cockpit with two head-up displays and a large touch screen in the center console. In addition, the cabin was better insulated and the car now much lower, Mazda promises in prospect.

Mazda has also retrofitted the assistance systems: the compact SUV can now automatically decelerate in the traffic jam and start again independently. The driving dynamics control G-Vectoring-Control should improve comfort and handling. Behind the somewhat pointed radiator grill work three engines, the performance of which Mazda has not yet quantified. There are two petrol engines with 2.0 and 2.5 liters displacement as well as a 2.2-liter diesel and the choice between front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Mercedes brings the Maybach version of the S-Class as a convertible

Das luxurišse Cabrio bringt 463 kW/630 PS auf die Stra§e

Mercedes also offers the convertible of its S-Class also in a Maybach version with a lot of luxury and performance. The Oberklasse-Viersitzer now celebrates its premiere at the Autoshow in Los Angeles as a Mercedes-Maybach S 650 and comes in the spring of 2017 in the trade, the manufacturer told. Mercedes plans a small series of 300 copies.

Compared to conventional S-Class convertibles with ample varnish and leather as well as additional decorations refined, the car drives with the V12 engine from AMG. It draws from six liters displacement 463 kW / 630 hp and goes up to 1,000 Nm to work. As a result, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds according to the manufacturer. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h. The consumption is given by Mercedes with 12.0 liters and CO2 emissions with 272 g / km.

An outsider on the road: The Toyota C-HR in the test


The ugliest car in the world or once again a view? If Toyota on the 21st of January at Austria prices from 22,200 euros the C-HR brings, the compact off-road vehicle will be hot discussions. Because no other car is polarized in this competitive segment.

The SUV Coupé is 4.36 long, with pointed nose, coarse recesses on the flank and jagged tail. But on discussions the manufacturer has created and rejection is taken into account. For most of all, Toyota is about to strip its streberimage and to build models that also move in a transposed sense. Continue reading “An outsider on the road: The Toyota C-HR in the test”

Alfa Romeo pushes for the first time

Mit dem Stelvio zeigt die Fiat-Tochter Alfa-Romeo ihr erstes SUV

The sporty Fiat subsidiary Alfa Romeo shows their first SUV. The Stelvio named after the Stilfser yoke in the Italian Alps can be seen for the first time at the Autoshow in Los Angeles (18 to 27 November). According to the manufacturer, he will enter the trade next year. The prices have not yet been mentioned, but should be clearly above the Giulia.

The 4.68 meter long Stelvio uses the platform of the new Giulia and therefore comes with the well-known engines and a comparable equipment. Officially confirmed are already the sport model Quadrifoglio with a 375 kW / 510 HP strong V6 turbo-benziner with 2.9 liter displacement as well as a 2.0 liter large four-cylinder turbo with 206 kW / 280 HP. There are still no talks about metering in the US. However, one can count on the 2.2-liter for Europe, which in the Giulia between 100 kW / 136 hp and 154 kW / 210 hp makes.

The technical equipment of the Stelvio includes, among other things, an all-wheel drive with electronically controlled rear axle differential, an eight-speed automatic, a travel profile control as well as an adaptive adjustment gear, Alfa said.

The VW E-Golf goes into the extension

The VW E-Golf will continue to travel in the future. If Volkswagen is to bring the update for the bestseller to the market in the spring at previously unselected prices, the electric version of this will be particularly beneficial. In addition to the refinement for the design, the new infotainment and the standard Virtual Cockpit, according to VW, there is a new battery for the E-Golf.

This was announced by the manufacturers for the premiere at the Autoshow in Los Angeles (public days: 18 to 28 November). The capacity of lithium-ion cells increases from 24.2 to 35.8 kilowatt hours (kWh). Thus the range in the standard cycle increases from 190 to more than 300 kilometers. For everyday life, VW has an action radius of an average of 200 kilometers in view. At the same time, a stronger engine ensures better driving performance. The E-engine now comes to 100 kW / 136 hp instead of hitherto 85 kW / 115 hp and to 290 instead of 270 Nm. As a result, the sprint is reduced from 0 to 100 from 10.4 to 9.6 seconds, the top speed increases from 140 to 150 km / h.

Honda brings a new entry-level motorcycle

With its new Rebel, Honda wants to appeal to younger bikers and beginners. Because the reduced styled motorcycle can be driven with the A2 driving license. The liquid-cooled two-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 471 ccm is known from the CBR500R. The Japanese have adapted it for injection and electronics. It now delivers 33.9 kW / 46 hp and delivers 44.6 Nm at 6,000 tours.

The handling of the fully refueled 190 kilo heavy rebel is according to the manufacturer also because of the upright sitting position and the keeping of less experienced drivers to master. Graphite Black, Matte Armored Silver Metallic and Millennium Red are available as colors.