Ford C-Max

In the Ford C-Max you can choose between the five-seater and the 14-centimeter longer Grand C-Max with third seat and sliding door. The basic price for the shorter: 18,250 euros

What is worse than a compact SUV? Right, a compact van. A commercial vehicle with baby-on-board sticker – adieu, fun! Well, if the brats are in the daycare, Daddy can tear a bit with the Ford van. Amazing, how well the around the corners goes. Just clear the rattling toy before.

But fun aside. Ford has been standing for a few years now for crisp chassis and a good driving feeling. Our tip: the 1.0-liter three-cylinder with 125 hp. This is a revolving unit, slightly gruffy, but with overall pleasant manners. Only the five liters of fuel consumption promised by the manufacturer can not be created. If you want to convert the engine’s capabilities even approximately into driving fun, it will be at least two liters more.