McLaren 720S

McLaren has introduced a new model. The 720S is on par with Ferrari and Co. – but can also be everyday

McLaren has made a good start on public roads three years ago. Now the Brits are entering the second round with the first new model: the 720S.

After three years in the black figures, sold in six years 10,000 cars and from the stand on par with Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini: McLaren can look completely relaxed into the future. After the British have made a dream start when switching from the racetrack to the road, they now really get on the throttle and want to prove with the new and almost a quarter million million 720S that they do not build racy one-day-flies.

The body’s carbon structure has become stiffer, lighter and more spacious, and the seven-stage twin-clutch transmission is quicker and more sensitive, and the engine is virtually unaffected. Therefore, not only was the displacement from 3.8 to 4.0 liters drilled, there are also new loaders with shorter response times, new cylinders, new valves – and, of course, new basic data. Thus the maximum torque climbed to 770 Nm and the power – Nomen est omen – to 720 hp.

Design details packaging functions

And so that no one can underestimate the evolution of technology, they have carved the car spectacularly new. “We wanted him to look as fast as 200 km / h,” says Designchef Rob Melville about the barely 1.20 meters flat flounder with the pulpit of a fighter jet and a body like the wind tunnel. The 720S impresses however powerful, but can not be reduced to cheap show effects. Every detail in the shape of the car is just the right thing to do: the deep caves, for example, where the headlights are located, serve the air as well as the second skin on the flanks and make up to the huge airbrake at the rear All sills and spoilers are superfluous. And the wing doors, which extend far into the roof, not only catch the eye, but also facilitate access and require less space in narrow parking spaces.

The engine more powerful, the body lighter, the adaptive chassis faster, the aerodynamics better and the electronics more intelligent – so the McLaren almost with the small finger to the border area. Already on the highway, every curve becomes a temptation and on the race track one gets deeper and deeper into a intoxication that can only end an empty tank. It is less the longitudinal acceleration with which one car impresses. Even if one sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and one feels at full throttle with 341 km / h as Elton Johns Rocket Man on the way into the universe. It is above all the stoic calm, with which one can bring this car closer to the limit. As if a supernatural power were in the bridle, he flew through the curves as if by magic, and knew no limits in his madness. If there is a limiting factor in this McLaren, then it is the driver and not the vehicle.

He can also be everyday

One of the McLaren makes this border experience very easy. As long as you leave the fingers of the “variable drift control”, with which one can step by step the meshes in the safety net increase and the abrasion of the tires can increase, there is in this car nothing, which distracts one from fast progress – even the cockpit itself Small and pulls back into the hood behind the steering wheel, except for a narrow display strip, when you change to the track mode and attach the eye to the ideal line. Although the 720S is actually once again stronger, sharper and faster. And even if he does not make as much spectacle as a Ferrari or Lamborghini, even under severe conditions, the Englishman is in a hurry more than equal to the Italians on the racetrack and the country road. But what sets him apart above all from his competitors and from his predecessor, is his much higher degree of everyday comfort.

This is true for driving comfort on poor roads, up to cobbled streets of winding old towns as well as for infotainment and assistance systems, the space conditions for the passengers and even more the luggage space. It is not for nothing that the 150 liters in the bow have a further 210 liters of cargo on the bunk behind the seats, which is placed over the center motor. But above all, this is true for the overview you enjoy in this car. Because where you look in other super sports cars as by blinders and only fixed forward, you can see the McLaren on all sides better than in some roadster and always keeps the overview – no matter whether on the racetrack or in the rush hour.

It drives faster than ever before, looks better and is even more clean the more practical car – that the 720S with 247,350 euros also has become significantly more expensive than the predecessor 650S, the rich Raser seems not to disturb. Even though it has hardly seen a customer, let alone driven it, the British have long since sold out 1,400 orders in the books and thus the production for the rest of the year. Money alone, according to morality, is not enough to drive a sports car of this caliber. You have to be as fast on your way to the dealer as you are at the wheel.