Opel Mokka X

4-wheel drive is available at the 4.28-meter-long Opel Mokka X only for an extra charge. In the basic version with 115 hp strong gasoline the small SUV costs 18,990 euro

At the exterior, the most important thing to notice is the huge one. It is quite clear to us that no real Petrolhead drives a compact SUV, possibly with a front drive. But the millions of non-petrolheads love this sort of car, because the dimensions are clear and you sit a little higher. And the cuddly Opel is particularly good for them. Since 2016 the Opel Mokka is called Opel Mokka X.

The small SUV is popular because it is practical, even the rear has a surprisingly large amount of space, hardly any weaknesses (the luggage compartment is a little small with full seating at 356 liters, the suspension is somewhat tight) and offers much infotainment for its class , Highly recommended are the ergonomic seats, even if Opel demands extra money.

Our tip: The 1.4 turbo with 140 hp in the equipment line Edition.n kidneys, which for the luxury one-part as well as from the full milled and give the X7 an extremely overprinted look. The huge 23-inch rims also fit in with this. We are driving the X7 from a unspecified plug-in hybrid.