New Audi A8

The new A8 controls fully automatically due to the traffic jam

Unmistakable Audi and yet different: The grill and the changed basic line are especially noticeable

The next generation of Audis luxury limousines is the first model for which design manager Marc Lichte alone is responsible. Both outside and inside makes this noticeable.
Nervous is perhaps the wrong word for the state of mind of Marc Lichte, but he is already a bit under electricity. 2000 guests from around the world, mainly journalists and dealers, have come to the so-called Audi summit in the exhibition halls of Barcelona, ​​and they are particularly interested in the new A8. Light A8. Continue reading “New Audi A8”

Fiat 500L photo model

Fiat 500L: The compact van is grown

Fiat has missed the 500L a facelift. The new model generation is offered in three variants: Urban, Cross and Wagon

Fiat has given the compact 500L a facelift. Visually, the van remained almost unchanged – but 40 percent of the built-in parts are new and there has been a lot of technology.

The Fiat 500 is a success story for the Italian car manufacturer. Since 2007, Italy’s Mini has found more than two million buyers and is managed as an independent brand within the Group, which has since established itself in the market with further models, Convertible (2009), 500L (2012) and SUV 500X (2015). Now the new model generation of the 500L, which is offered in the three versions Urban, Cross and Wagon. Most noticeable at the front part are the small modifications of the engine grille and headlamp arrangement compared to the predecessor, which now take up the design of the Fiat 500 more. Continue reading “Fiat 500L photo model”

2017 BMW X3

In the BMW X3, progress is only evident

The next generation of the X3 looks somewhat muscular, but the basic form of the predecessor continues

The upcoming generation of BMW’s SUV gets a lot of technology which is still reserved for larger models. In terms of drive, revolutions are indicated but not yet completed.
Success can be a blessing and curse for a car maker at the same time. Because the more successful a model is, the more difficult the decision makers with serious changes and the more predictable and thus the more boring the generation change. Continue reading “2017 BMW X3”

2017 Infiniti QX30 model

The new XQ 30 from Nissan’s Nobel brand Infiniti is aimed at competitors such as the GLA of Mercedes-Benz

With his daughter Infiniti Nissan wants to have some of the high-yield premium cake.

The compact SUV QX30 is also intended to meet exquisite requirements.

One of the most popular phrases of automobile manufacturers is currently “wanting to combine the best of two worlds”. Actually, here a report on a hybrid should follow, after all the industry praises this form of drive with the same metaphor. However, the Infiniti QX30 is an automotive balancing act and connects two worlds, even though it is not a hybrid. In this case, instead of the internal combustion engine and the electric Continue reading “2017 Infiniti QX30 model”

2017 The Volkswagen Arteon

In July comes the new top model from VW. What will dominate? Admiration for the new design? Or the maliciously stated indication that the car is only a noblely packaged Passat?

VW and the luxury that is such a thing. With the name Volkswagen, the brand does not necessarily start as a natural partner for the beautiful and the rich. For many decades she has not worked on such an image, yes, there were no VW models beyond the middle class throughout the 20th century. And when you started later, it did not work. Continue reading “2017 The Volkswagen Arteon”


BMW Concept 8 and M8: new design language

BMW is launching a new 8 series – and this already in the coming summer. In addition, a prototype of an M8 already exists.

“To 86 percent,” jokes Adrian van Hooydonk when asked how close the Concept 8 Series baptized coupe of the series comes. Already this coming summer, BMW is launching the series production of a new 8 – a prototype of an M8 already exists.

With its aggressively sculpted Fastback shape, the deep and wide doublet and its like the i8 partly freistehende taillights the 8er rings a new era in the design. It is internally described as “precision and poetry” – and Continue reading “BMW M8”

2017 SEAT Ibiza

Young seducer
It will be a groundbreaking year for SEAT – the first small SUV will be built this year, and the fifth generation of the Ibiza will be in the Schauräumen from June.

The typical Ibiza rider is a rider, she is 24 years young, and she is looking for a tough Spaniard. Other customers, however, are not sent away! SEAT’s small car makes it particularly in the newest variants, to convince younger motorists and first-time buyers. With the fresh model variation the stepbrother Polo is to be pushed by the Kleinwagenthron.

From the adoptive child to the pattern pupil: for the first time in eight years the brand generated a plus in the previous year. “No one is supposed to overlook the Ibiza if he wants to buy a car in the small car segment,” said SEAT CEO Luca de Meo at the presentation confidently.
Apart from the Leon and the Ateca, the Ibiza is one of the three cornerstones in the company, which SEAT will continue to rely on in the future. It scores with equipment (Smartphone for driving around), security (calm worried parents) and the price (spare their wallet). The fifth generation of the entry-level car also depends on these three corner points.

Women’s or men’s car?

Blurred boundaries between small and compact class: In the new generation the Ibiza gets a longer wheelbase (2564 mm, 98 mm longer than its predecessor), with a vehicle length of just over four meters it is only 20 centimeters shorter than the SEAT Leon or the Audi A3.

Overall, the new is more angular and sporty. The wheels are larger in size, the vehicle is wider overall. SEer is more than five-door, the Kombi flies out of the program. This buyer layer is supposed to address SEAT’s second geldelimousine, the Arona, from autumn. Until then, the Ibiza has already broken new sales records.

Four equipment variants are offered. XCellence marks the comfortable, FR the (lower-lying) sports line, both have standard all-round LED.

What you need

Already the Basismodell Reference has the most important and a few extras on board, from the air conditioning to Berganfahrassistent up to the front assistant. The Austrian package lures with a steering wheel and gear lever in leather as well as an eight-inch display.

The offer of the engine already comprises three-cylinder petrol engines with 75, 95 or 115 hp, the latter with DSG. The diesel plays hardly a role at SEAT. The sharpest Ibiza with 150 hp comes, as well as the self-ignition, in autumn. The natural gas variant is a superior alternative for companies.

Surprises? Not necessarily. Re-invented driving? Not necessary. You get what you expect from the Spanish Volkswagen. The most exciting innovations are an eight-inch touch screen and the cordless phone charging tray in the center console. The smartphone is easy to connect with the car and connects the media system with its own apps. The loudspeakers and the subwoofer of Beats make for sounds like in the living room.
In terms of security

… SEAT uses various systems from the VW Group. While driving, the front assist brakes automatically when the driver does not react to obstacles. A novelty in the small cars is the fatigue warning. The system constantly analyzes the steering behavior and recommends a break when the concentration drops.

As the first vehicle, the Ibiza is based on Volkswagen’s new modular platform with the bulky name MQB A0. Higher body stiffness, according to the manufacturer, has a positive effect not only on robustness, but also on driving. Parking sensors on the front and rear as well as an improved reversing camera round off the security package (for a surcharge).

The SEAT Ibiza is available from 12.990 Euro, with five years warranty.

2017 Tesla stdudy

Study: Tesla more innovative than BMW, VW at the very front, Toyota leaves feathers

The study “AutomotiveInnovations” of the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) of the University of Bergisch Gladbach has determined the most innovative autocone in 2017. In the evaluation of more than 1100 innovations from 19 manufacturers, German companies were particularly successful in their innovation. The Japanese manufacturer Toyota, on the other hand, emerged as a big loser. Continue reading “2017 Tesla stdudy”

McLaren 720S

McLaren has introduced a new model. The 720S is on par with Ferrari and Co. – but can also be everyday

McLaren has made a good start on public roads three years ago. Now the Brits are entering the second round with the first new model: the 720S.

After three years in the black figures, sold in six years 10,000 cars and from the stand on par with Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini: McLaren can look completely relaxed into the future. After the British have made a dream start when switching from the racetrack to the road, they now really get on the throttle and want to prove with the new and almost a quarter million million 720S that they do not build racy one-day-flies. Continue reading “McLaren 720S”

Skoda Yeti’s 2017 photos

Skoda is launching a successor to its smaller SUV Yeti in autumn. The new one bears the name Karoq and grows significantly compared to its predecessor.

According to the Kodiaq, the Karoq at Skoda is to stand for a uniform SUV terminology.

He also inherits the Yeti, whose name is not carried away and grows significantly in comparison to its predecessor, then lies on the level of the Seat Ateca, which is almost identical in design. He will premiere in mid-May, the launch of the market in the second half of the year. Continue reading “Skoda Yeti’s 2017 photos”